Just a Bit About Me

"The longing for quality, formal as well as functional, and the need to create something truly innovative, has spurred me on all these years and kept me going”

I’ve been designing products with my team for 20 years now, mainly in the dining table and living lifestyle sector. My shapes are inspired by nature, architecture and sculpture and I am still influenced by my Nordic youth in Finland.

Increasingly, I’ve become passionate about people and their creative processes. I really enjoy encouraging and teaching new techniques and have gained a huge amount of experience during my professorship at the Art Academy of Burg Giebichenstein.

WERKGUT should be the place where my skills in product design combine with the creativity of the workshop participants to reach new and artistic forms of expression.

Weekends at WERKGUT are now regularly filled with arts and crafts workshops. On our farm we knock, turn, weave, drip, draw, paint, carve or model and it's just nice to see how the participants feel proud, fulfilled and fulfilled after a weekend with us go home with your own work of art.

We are a small team now


As a horse osteopath and physiotherapist, she runs STALLGUT with trail riding station and supports us at weddings. With 4 horses, a dog and a tiny house, she is always out and about a lot.


organizes all background tasks as tourism and marketing manager. From social media, calculations, website maintenance to guest relations, she and her office dog Luna are involved in all tasks.


is our cook during the workshops and supports the service team at events and weddings. She is dedicated to finding new, delicious dishes and recipes to pamper our guests.


originally comes from the catering industry. She is a great support at our weddings with a lot of heart and happiness. She enjoys moments of happiness with our guests, but also with her dog Bruno.



keeps the house, yard and stable in good condition and is the right contact for all major and minor repairs. No matter how much hustle and bustle there is, he cannot be disturbed.


is a tourism manager. She is dedicated to our guests and the important background tasks and can therefore usually be found in the office. During her breaks she goes around forest huts with the Icelandic horse Rokvy.


is our active and tireless support during the wedding season and always has the well-being of our guests in mind.


as a marketing specialist, he is responsible for everything digital. When he's not surfing the internet, he spends his free time with his family and also likes to be in front of or on the theater stage.