The Bremen sculptor will introduce us to the technique of bronze casting. Whether with concentrated precision and formal clarity or sketchy with a lot of temperament and inspired by the nature around us - the miniature is a wonderful field of plastic design. We are looking for a motif that has it all - and which we then model in wax or clay.

At a later point in time we will witness the transformation of the wax figures into bronze in a bronze foundry (bronze casting at own expense) and also post-process the figures there.


First person

Workshop including living space and full catering without material costs

Booking 496,- €

Second person

Workshop including living room (double occupancy with first person)

Booking 454,- €

Material costs max 35,- €

The course takes place with a minimum of 5 participants, prior knowledge is not required, we like to start together.

To participate in the course, we ask for a current negative corona test or proof of vaccination.

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