LandArt Workshop in Aukrug Nature Park

In this workshop, the experienced landscape artist Frank Nordiek offers us the opportunity to actively engage with the landscape of Aukrug Nature Park. After an introduction to the LandArt movement, the workshop takes place in the great outdoors. Exploring the terrain extensively to gather inspiration, we immerse ourselves in the landscape. Material- and site-specific preliminary exercises showcase the variety of possibilities with natural materials, allowing us to 'grasp' the landscape. Subsequently, we embark on the search for our 'very personal places,' sensing their atmosphere to artistically work with them. The diverse impressions and interpretations of the participants often result in completely different yet transient works in individual or group projects.
LandArt involves rediscovering the everyday and familiar in nature and landscape, using this rediscovery as a starting point for a new idea. Images that emerge from nature and then disappear back into it. The intervention is fleeting, and the materials are ephemeral—trees and grass, stones and sand, water and ice.
This unique form of art, the intense engagement with a location, and the creation of delicate, ephemeral works from local materials can deeply move us. By observing, understanding, and accepting natural conditions, experimenting, shaping the found elements, and sensing light, weather, and space, a close connection with nature emerges. This uplifting blend of art and nature experience with all senses is soothing for our souls, often burdened by the hectic pace of everyday life.
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Arrival on Friday from 17:00

After the communal dinner at 6:00 PM, we will kick off with an introduction to the topic by the artist at Werkgut (What does LandArt mean? Since when has the LandArt movement existed? Who are the artists involved, and what are their approaches?). On Saturday, we will start at 10:00 AM and explore the terrain until dinner at 7:00 PM. The workshop, apart from the Friday introduction, takes place entirely outdoors. Please dress accordingly, as rain will not deter us from our activities. The workshop concludes on Sunday with a joint exhibition in the outdoor space, to which family and friends are invited.


per Person

Workshop € 390
Two days meals incl. Lunch, Snack, Dinner and Drinks 120

Two nights in a single room incl. Breakfastbuffet € 190
Surcharge for second person double room including breakfast buffet € 90

Being creative together is much more fun
Bring a friend with you and get a voucher of 70,- for the https://www. doerfel-designshop. de/ Just send us an e-mail with the name of your friend and receive the voucher from us after their {{br}} registration.

The course takes place from 5 participants, no previous knowledge is required. Discount for pupils, trainees and students 15%.

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