Artists in residence

Artist Residencies at WERKGUT

At WERKGUT, we believe in the transformative power of art and in the necessity for creative minds to have a space for expression.
Our Artist-in-Residence program provides just that: an inspiring retreat for artists of various disciplines. Our program allows them to work outside of their usual environment. We open doors to vibrant exchanges with artists from diverse cultural and regional backgrounds.
During their stay, artists have access to their own living and sleeping quarters, as well as all communal areas such as the spacious kitchen, bathrooms, the studio, and workshop, including the large kiln - we provide space for creativity.
Welcome to WERKGUT.

Zoriana Kozak visiting as 'Artist in Residence'

At the beginning of 2024, the young ceramic artist Zoriana Kozak from Ukraine was our guest as an 'Artist in Residence'. Here at WERKGUT, she had the opportunity to create large ceramic pieces, experiment with glazes and techniques, and fire her work in our large kiln, far away from the conflict in her homeland.

She stayed in one of our beautiful guest rooms, worked in the studio, and utilized our workshops. In addition, she had the chance to meet renowned ceramic artists such as Kap Sun Hwang, Si Sook, and Eva Koj, as well as visit museums, exhibitions in Hamburg, and attend a concert at the Elbphilharmonie. Zoriana Kozak also greatly enjoyed horseback riding in the countryside with STALLGUT. A trip to the North Sea was a must and naturally, many interesting conversations ensued during shared cooking and meals!

Her painted and glazed ceramic pieces were presented at the end of her residency.
You can find more about her work on our Instagram channel


Become an Artist in Residence

Next year, from January to March 2025, we will once again be awarding one or two spots to young foreign artists who wish to develop new techniques and be creative here, with a minimal financial contribution required - we are more than happy to support them in this endeavor.

We look forward to receiving your applications at