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culture and crafts

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In workshops on a variety of artistic techniques, selected artists are happy to pass on their skills to our participants and to teams. We also organize concerts, readings and theater.

The Estate

Just come

. . . in the middle of the Aukrug Nature Park in Schleswig-Holstein. The estate belongs to product designer Mikaela Dörfel. Here she designs tableware products for customers from all over the world.

Since the foundation of the Werkgut in 2020, she invites art and culture enthusiasts to become creative together.


Just feel good

We offer our workshop guests 3 art studios and 11 lovingly furnished living rooms with vegetarian full board. Holiday guests are welcome aside the workshops in our loft with the rooms LOTTA, EDDA and ALMA as well as in the studio house with the 3 guest rooms CLARA, NILLA and WILMA with studio space. There is also a large hallway, a south-west terrace with a large garden and a beautiful forecourt, which are inviting for celebrations.


In addition to the work estate, Joey, Mikaelas daughter, offers horsemanship courses and accommodation for holiday riders under Stallgut.

Impressions from WERKGUT